We offer several choices for recruitment services.  All of our searches involve an in depth identification sourcing process based on your hiring needs.  We partner with your internal Talent Acquisition team to facilitate the recruitment process which includes:  resume sourcing/interviewing, interview facilitation, job offer, negotiation, on-boarding and retention strategies.

Contingency/Retained Recruiting

We offer Contingency and Retained Recruiting solutions.

With Contingency Recruiting there is no fee until we successfully fill your opening.  Clients are free to work with us on an exclusive basis or from their own resources.

With a Retained search the fee is paid at the outset of the search, at the time of the first interview and upon successful placement of a candidate.  This is on an exclusive basis to fill pivotal positions.

Staff Augmentation

This is also known as contract hiring.  This allows companies to hire an employee on a contract basis for either a short term project or before hiring them on a full time basis. Clients have the opportunity to engage the employee and evaluate their knowledge, skills and abilities.   The employee will remain on our payroll during the contract duration.

Contract Recruiting Solutions

We provide contract recruiters and sourcers, both virtual and on-site, who can work with your internal staff to help strategize, develop and implement recruiting strategies to meet your recruiting needs in a timely and cost effective manner.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

This is a scalable recruitment option for companies who wish to outsource all or part of their recruiting function.  Payable as a monthly retainer, we provide dedicated recruiting support.  This service is designed for each client based on their current needs.  It is scalable and can be adjusted during the duration of the agreement.

HR Consulting

We specialize in working with small to mid-size companies to help strategize, develop and implement HR programs, policies, procedures, and HR systems specifically tailored to meet the needs of our customers.


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